Royal Pest Exterminators, LLC


Royal Pest Exterminators And Services

  • Services for Residential:                                           Commercial Services
  • Standard Quarterly                                                                 

  • Semi Annual Service                                            1) Commercial Kitchen
  • Annual Service                                                  2) Grocery Stores                                                                                       3) Light Industrial
ROYAL Residential Programs:                                   4) Warehouse
  • Five Power Sprays from spring to fall, includes initial clean out service. 5 service program covers carpenter ants. 
  • Four Power Sprays from spring to fall, includes initial clean out service
  • Power Spray programs are Great for reducing the need for interior chemical treatment and easy scheduling. You need not be home for exterior treatment. Same principal as lawn care. 
  • Benefits: 
  • Less concerns for exposure to chemicals for those with respiratory ailments, allergies, and children.
  • Far greater insect control.
  • Two winter services for baiting exterior rodent stations.
  • 12 month coverage with no additional extra service charges.

Specialty Services:                                         Thermal Fogging
  •                                                      Warehouse & Commercial      
  • Mosquitoes                                        Storage Facilities 
  • Chiggers
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Termite inspections for Real Estate, refinancing & VA.
  • Termite treatments.