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STATE CERTIFICATIONS 7A (Wood destroying insects) 7E ( Structural pest control), 7D (Health Related Pest Control) Ks. 7A & 7B in Missouri. Senior Service Specialist Ecolab, Copesan , (Signature Care Certified. June 30,1998) . Technician Prescription Care Certificate for nursing homes, Ecolab Pest Elimination training from Truman's Scientific Guide to Pest Management Operations by Purdue University. AIB Food Safety/Hygiene certificate, Food Safety Seminar, Pest Control. Training Program for Sentricon, Technician of the Year 2000 and 2001 for Schendel Pest Control. Top Technician for Springer Pest Control, February 2005. Quota breaker for the year, three years straight with Ecolab Pest Elimination, Thumbtack Pro of the year for 2015 and 2016. Top Pro of the year for 2016. Featured Pro of the Month 2016 for 5 STAR SERVICE, Thumbtack. On going training; Rodent control in residential and commercial settings by Robert Corrigan, IPM in Schools, University of Nebraska service manual, The Copesan Committee, Commercial Pest Management, Service Technician Field Identification Manual. Focus on making Inspections and Identification easier. Technician's Field Manual ; focus on Integrated Pest Management. Information also acquired from outstanding resources --the Mallis Hand Book of Pest Control--Scientific Guide to Pest Management--National Pest Management Association Field Guide--Stoy Hedges, Urban Spiders, -PCT Technicians Handbook--Missouri University agriculture/pest control site. Watch for more to come. Ongoing training is VITAL to our performance and customer satisfaction. Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau , NATIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION. IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE

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