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Roaches, Ants, Carpenter Ants & Wasp, Stored prod.

Time, determination, and details. Place your trust in the professionals. ROYAL PEST CONTROL, SERIOUS ABOUT PROTECTING OUR CUSTOMERS HOME AND BSUINESS REPUTATION.


  Would you like the same, reliable, trusted technician each service?

Beware of over the phone Rubber Stamp Programs. Disappointment will follow . Serious problems require serious pest management professionals.


Does the pest management provider have your best interest in mind? Ask yourself, does the technician communicate their findings with you when service is complete ? When your rodent program is serviced, are cluttered, out of the way areas inspected along with the rodent equipment? Infestations can start without showing up immediately in the traps. Repeater traps and exterior bait stations should be dated each service. Have you been provided a map showing where rodent equipment and pheromone traps are located? Are all the traps accounted for? Is there a note book or folder containing a business licence, state certifications, certificate of insurance, and maps. They need to be on site. Are chemicals and rodenticides applied properly? IT IS FEDERAL LAW!! Are on going problems addressed weekly till resolved? Don't be embarrassed by state citations showing up in the newspaper or on the internet because of incompetent service. You might lose the trust of your customers! Protect Your Reputation and your Business. Call: 913-636-7095

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