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Royal Pest Exterminators And Services

  • Services for Residential:
  • Semi Annual Service
  • Annual Service

Commercial Services

1) Commercial Kitchen

2) Grocery Store

3) Industrial

4) Warehouse


  • Five Power Sprays from spring to fall, includes initial clean out service and power spray with a power spray the following month for exceptional knock down of pest. Three additional power sprays every other month. This service program covers carpenter ants.
  • Four Power Sprays from spring to fall, includes initial clean out service with three additional power sprays every other month.
  • Power Spray programs are Great for reducing the need for interior chemical treatment and easy scheduling. Exterior rodent stations are painted to closely match the color of its environment for discretion. You need not be home for exterior treatment. Same principal as lawn care.
  • Benefits:
  • Less concerns for exposure to chemicals for those with respiratory ailments, allergies, and children.
  • Far greater insect control.
  • One winter services for baiting exterior rodent stations.
  • 12 month coverage with no additional extra service charges.
  • SPECIALITY SERVICES: Dedicated Service Programs for restaurants. 
  • RESIDENTIAL SERVICES: Pleas, Chiggers, Ticks, Crickets, Spiders, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Beetles, Mice
  • Termite inspections for Real Estate, refinancing & FHA
  • Advance Baiting System for Termites

Supportive COCKROACH Clean Out Services for commercial kitchens. Local service available from Paola ks. up to 230 mile radius. SPECIALIST IN THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE. 

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